since 1996

Saraiva + Associados was established in 1996, in Lisbon, by Miguel Saraiva (Architect) who remains at head of the company as CEO and project leader. S+A develops its activity in the areas of Architecture, Urban Planning, Sustainability, Concept Design and Interior Design. In 2015 two new companies were founded – S+A Green Lab – aiming to develop sustainable building and urban development solutions; and S+A Concept Design on the scope of Design associated with Architecture and public space.

Technical Accuracy and Sustainability

Technical accuracy, customer orientation, accomplishment of deadlines and conceptual quality are some of the principles that provide S+A a clear competitive advantage and noticeable recognition in the markets where we operate. A systematic consideration of environmental matters and a permanent integration of cultural specificities underline the success of each project.

Creativity, Innovation, Multicultural approach

Through a multidisciplinary and universal approach, the work of S+A reveals a contemporary attitude, with integrated, innovative and sustainable solutions. The practice's portfolio features a wide variety of projects which reveal great creativity and innovation and incorporate an extraordinary cultural diversity.

Present Worldwide

The global vocation of S+A has determined a strategy of internationalization which began in 2004. S+A has own offices in 13 countries, 4 continents. This process is sustained by the experience and knowledge acquired over the years, and by adapting to the specific needs of each new market. S+A is a global architecture brand highly considered among market players, opinion leaders and international media. As a result, since 2011, S+A has been indicated in several categories of the World's Largest Architecture Practices-WA100 ranking. In 2017, S+A was ranked 109th in WA100 general ranking.

S+A World

Currently, S+A Group has offices in Algeria (Algiers and Oran), Brazil (São Paulo), China (Beijing), Colombia (Bogota), Equatorial Guinea (Malabo), Kazakhstan (Astana), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), México (Mexico City), Panama (Panama City), Portugal (Lisbon and Funchal), United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi), Singapore and Switzerland (Lausanne). The international staff maintains a permanent and close collaboration with the founder office in Lisbon.

Furthermore, through a dynamic export activity, S+A has been developing its activity in Angola, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Russia, Senegal, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Turkmenistan.