S+A develops its activity in the areas of Architecture, Urban Planning, Concept Design, Interior Design and Sustainability.

S+A supports clients at every stage of the design cycle, from initial strategy and design planning through implementation and management.

Our solid experience and knowledge acquired over the years make us earn the trust of  our clients worldwide and allow us to enlarge our portfolio, both on private and public sectors.

We design and develop projects in the following areas:

-Public buildings

- Healthcare

- Sports and leisure

- Offices

- Retail and industry

- Housing

- Hotels and resorts

- Urban Planning

Environment is at the top of S+A priorities. We work to maximize the sustainable value of each project. Our designers apply bioclimatic architecture concepts, searching for a high passive performance of the buildings, in order to maximize the comfort of its inhabitants.

S+A projects integrate solutions and technologies in order to increase energy efficiency, water efficiency and a better waste management.

A considerable part of S+A projects are certified by  green building rating systems like BREEAM and LEED, the most recognized protocols in this practice. These are voluntary systems that assess the environmental performance of built projects across a spectrum of key criteria such as management of construction impacts, promoting biodiversity and use of sustainable materials.