“ One cannot not communicate.” Paul Watzlawick

S+A Concept Design is led by designer Henrique Cayatte on the scope of Design associated with Architecture and public space.

S+A Concept Design Services:

+ Strategic Design;

+ Design and Architecture, public space and urban planning Design;

+ Research and content production;

+ Design and Environment;

+ Design and Culture;

+ Museum, exhibitions and stands Design;

+ Editorial and information Design. 

Design is one more tool that S+A earns, bringing added value that benefices our clients by presenting a bigger and wider service offer. 

This global instrument will mainly focus on the international market and will have a special incidence in culture, content production and the design of museums and exhibitions.

This union reinforces Saraiva+Associados as a global company, not only because it is settled in 13 countries and 4 continents, but also due to the wide range of services that presents to its clients nationally and internationally.