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The project site is strategic in terms of both its centrality and expected prominence within the fabric of the city to the north and of the area to the south covered in the Aterro da Boavista Nascente Zoning Plan. The concept brings the movement of a street crossing together with an inviting and intimate public space endowed with esplanades and direct proximity to commercial areas. While the north-side of the site on Rua da Boavista communicates with the historical part of the city through the maintenance of façades and the rehabilitation of the existing building, contact with the southern zone is established through a unique and bold new contemporary structure which creates a new dynamic urban presence.

The façade invites a horizontal reading of the various floors across the buildings on the street, while the vertical elements enter into a dialogue with the EDP building. The themes and materials chosen are timeless and of Portuguese origin, promoting a smooth transition between the contemporary and the historical feel. The movement between the contrasting historical and contemporary spaces serves as the basis for the concept of this intervention in public space, almost acting as a timeline. Lines of trees soften and humanise the transition between the different spaces, offering perspective and a green canopy which provides pleasant shaded areas and breeze.


«Bioclimatic concepts have been incorporated in the project since the earliest stages of its development. The local characteristics of solar and wind exposure and climate were closely studied, with the architectural design oriented accordingly. The central square is an example of the applicability of these principles and was implemented in a way that minimises potential wind tunnels and the inevitable discomfort that they would provoke in an area intended to structure and interconnect the entire project.»

Liliana Soares