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In 2008, we signed our first contract in Algeria to create a plan for a real estate development comprising residential accommodation and services. This pilot project emerged at the height of the Algerian property crisis, which was marked by growing demand for family housing. With a structure in keeping with various aspects of the built landscape, the model of semi-open blocks used reformulates the concept of urban space, generating and inviting new patterns for inhabiting the public space. The design displays a strong Mediterranean influence, featuring large terraces and significant architectural plasticity. The complex provides a total of 1.772 residences, a mosque and various complementary services.

The buildings are characterised by simple, orderly lines, which are nonetheless imbued with rhythm and identity. The complex gives a sense of cleanliness, safeguarding the privacy intrinsic to the Algerian way of life. Particularly striking is the predominance of the colour white; a number of coloured details create a liveliness which is intended to be transmitted to daily life in the complex. The construction followed a three-stage development plan: the first, comprising 554 dwellings, began in 2009; this was followed by the construction of another 1,001 residences, which formed the third phase and began in 2012.


  • Location Oran, Algeria
  • Sector Urban Design
  • Year 2008
  • Area 249.000 sqm
  • Client BTPH Hasnaoui
  • Stage Built

«Besides physical presence, the ability to adapt and be flexible are essential in markets with cultures, climates and resources which are so different to our own.»

Miguel Saraiva