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HC House is located in the sub-region of the Setúbal peninsula, south of Lisbon. Against the backdrop of the Arrábida mountain range, the villa enjoys an idyllic landscape. Refuge sheltered in the dense pine forest, this single-family dwelling is spread across just one floor, divided into two volumes, which form a T-shape. The distribution of spaces was designed with a view to achieving an aesthetic-visual balance in which the blocks are integrated and merge into the landscape. In functional terms, the hall divides the interior into two zones, private and social. Access to the social area is broad and free of barriers.

The living and dining rooms are distinguished solely by a visual plan. The circulation area is designed in a U-shape and provides access to the private area. On the basis of the concept that presided over the design, it was decided to prioritise the high quality parameters of the interior/exterior space, enhancing the strength of the classified natural landscape, the architectural design and the construction plan. The result is demonstrated in a set with sober language, demarcated by mostly orthogonal lines, broken by large glazed surfaces that emphasise the relationship with the surrounding pine forest.


  • Location Almada, Portugal
  • Sector Residential
  • Year 2005
  • Area 238 sqm
  • Client Private
  • Stage Built

«The main concern was to provide high quality standards in both scenic and in architectural and constructive terms. Taken together, these factors should provide a maximum level of comfort and security, providing the best use of the house.»

Miguel Saraiva