«The publication of this book is highly significant for the Judiciary Police (PJ) and for the history of Portuguese criminal investigation. The old headquarters, which were designed to accommodate a modern police investigation unit, here was built from scratch in the 1950s and became an emblematic building, having become associated with the Judiciary Police’s institutional image. It proved to be an amazingly functional building. The areas housing the nuclear units of the PJ, such as the brigade and the section, are still a reference today and a source of inspiration which have been replicated in other buildings, with minor
improvements due to technological innovation. However, by the late 1970s the building had exhausted its capacities and no longer met the PJ’s functional needs. Indeed, the PJ was confronted with new forms of crime, such as the international trade in drug trafficking and vehicles, and phenomena of terrorism and criminal association.» Dr. José Maria de Almeida Rodrigues, Director of the Judiciary Police

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