We were born 25 years ago.
Fearless. With the simplicity of our line. We learned from the challenges and gave shape to the ideas. Drawing. Dreaming. Raising works in space and time.
We have expanded. We have crossed borders. With projects scattered in the four corners of the world. Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America, which reflect the dedication of our team of over a hundred architects.
Today, we turn a new page. Looking at the past and planning for the future. This is a new cycle for Saraiva e Associados.
We will document and narrate our story in a film that we will share with all those who walk this path with us. We are repositioning our brand. A brand that carries the responsibility of the past, but wants to be present and future. True to our essence.
We are going to reveal our history in publications where architecture is expressed, materialized because it is from it that we feed. It is what these 25 years are made of.
To all the agitators, non-conformists, irreverent, courageous, and dreamers, a thank you. We thank you all for being part of this journey. For helping us to become who we are.
For feeding this will and ambition to do more and better. Much better.

We are just starting.

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