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World Talks 2023

Alejandro Aravena, the renowned Pritzker Prize-winning Chilean architect, is the guest speaker at S+Academy World Talks 2023, which takes place in the S+A auditorium, in Lisbon, on July 17.


A Hotel and a Station

In the context of the appropriation and enhancement of Santa Apolónia Station, which has been the stage for events of great importance, we understand that the preservation of the exterior of the building is essential. The integration of the new elements on the façade must be precise and judicious, a reflection of a moderate intervention.


People-centred design

Because we understand the impact of architecture on contemporary society, our proposals are shaped by bioclimatic principles which improve the overall performance of built environments.

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Collective Intelligence

The studio understands architecture as a collaborative, interdisciplinary exercise, in which quality drives growth. With more than one hundred collaborators working at its creative hub in Lisbon, S+A stands out for its openness to the world, its ability to adapt to different markets and to respond to the challenges arising in a constantly changing society.

Services / Architecture and Urban Design

By going beyond mere aesthetic and functional concerns and creating efficient spaces with unique features, we pave the way for new experiences and connections.


Designing a cathedral or a new criminal investigation building are very different exercises, although both are equally stimulating. We rise to these challenges by designing proposals able to fully satisfy our client’s needs.

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About the 2024 pritzker prize

Miguel Saraiva • CEO & Founder and Leader Architect S+A About two weeks ago, the 2024 Pritzker Prize, the most prestigious global award in Architecture, was announced. This year’s winner was the Japanese architect Riken Yamamoto, at the respectable age of 78. Despite being born in Beijing, People’s Republic of China, in 1945, Riken Yamamoto […]

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Jorge Catarino • Senior Partner and Architect Time asked time how much time time has, and time answered time that time has as much time as time has. The origins… The recent publication of new legislation on urban licensing (Decree-Law No. 10/2024, of January 8) – Urban Simplex – has already led various law firms […]

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UNLOCKER is the S+Academy Podcast powered by Saraiva+Associados. Two special guests share their views on the transformation and sustainability of cities, the economic, social and cultural trends intersecting with Architecture, Design and Urban Planning. All episodes are available in audio and video that you can access directly on through this page, or on Spotify and […]

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