“Como Nasce um Hospital” Book Release

Saraiva+Associados, together with Engª Cecília Mendonça, presented the book “How a Hospital is Born – from Thought to Operation”, which was presented at the S+A premises on September 29.

The book reflects the experience of Eng.ª Cecília Mendonça, who has worked in the hospital sector for almost 45 years and with whom S+A has had the privilege of collaborating on many of the hospital projects designed by the company.

The book is a photograph of all the moments that precede the construction of a healthcare complex, offering a perspective on the difficulty and complexity of thinking about a hospital. A challenge that requires a tremendous ability of anticipation to design a structure for the future that must keep pace with the accelerated changes and constant innovation.

It is also a testament to what is being done best in healthcare in our country, in an area close to S+A’s heart and where we have extensive experience with hospital projects. A legacy of Saraiva+Associados and Eng.ª Cecília Mendonça that fills a gap in the sector, hoping to awaken the curiosity of those who want to research, study and innovate to increase human capital in the field.


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