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ESG - Environmental, Social & Governance

Planning a more sustainable and balanced society

The solid experience and knowledge acquired by S+A over the years has helped to expand its portfolio of both public and private commissions. Calling upon the skills of experts allows our internal production team to maintain units that are focused on each sector of the market, creating efficient and sustainable programs for every single project. A wide range of services puts our sense of local and global commitment into action, offering quality and diversity tailored to individual challenges and requirements. Our global vocation has shaped our strategy of internationalisation. Since 2013, S+A’s operations have widened to cover a vast spectrum of services, encompassing not only architecture and urban planning, but also the areas of interior design, global design sustainability and investment advisory. That versatility has become one of the company’s great strengths, allowing it to maintain high levels of quality and innovation, building bridges of trust and creating solid relationships between all stakeholders.

Introduction to the ESG Report

SARAIVA+ASSOCIADOS (“S+A”) adheres to a set of principles that promote a long-term sustainable approach in conducting its activities. Through the ESG Report, published annually, S+A aims to communicate its initiatives regarding the adoption of ESG criteria (Environmental, Social & Governance), standards of socially conscious behavior, a set of best environmental, social, and corporate governance practices.

Over the next 5 years, S+A aims to adopt a policy of only accepting projects that anticipate Sustainability Certification. Alongside environmental pre-assessments and energy certificates, and beyond energy performance evaluation, it is increasingly important to consider instruments that assess the different environmental, social, and economic dimensions of Projects, aiming for a more sustainable construction – evaluating parameters such as energy, transportation, water, materials, ecology and land use, pollution, waste, health and well-being, and innovation.

Sustainability is integrated into the vocabulary of our architecture. More than just a trend or fashion, it constitutes a way of being in the world, of experiencing cities, and behaving responsibly.

Architecture and Projects

S+A’s activities encompass a wide range of services, including not only architecture and urban planning but also design and Sustainability. This versatility has become one of the studio’s strengths, maintaining high levels of quality and innovation, building trusted relationships with all partners. The studio sees Architecture as a collaborative and interdisciplinary exercise, where quality is the driving force behind all growth.

Our buildings are inspired by their surroundings and shaped by S+A’s fundamental principles: technical and conceptual quality; innovation and efficiency; sustainability and adaptation to local reality.

With this vision and our extensive experience, we provide architectural solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

Designing environments means effectively combining three factors: art, technology, and economy. Understanding the impact of architecture on contemporary society, our proposals incorporate sustainable values through the inclusion of bioclimatic principles that contribute to improving the performance of built environments. Human-centered design that prioritizes comfort, functionality, and aesthetics, enhancing the usability and efficiency of the project.

The studio’s solid experience and knowledge acquired over the years have expanded its portfolio, both in public and private works. Moreover, through architects specialized in various areas, our in-house production team has units focused on each market sector, creating efficient and logical programs for each unique project. A broad spectrum of services that maintains a careful balance between local and global relationships.

S+A is strongly committed to finding the best solutions for our clients. We provide an exclusive global design service based on two aspects: first, the ability to consider and reflect on the life of spaces at the level of their programmatic content; and second, the ability to relate buildings to each other, making them sensitive to their surrounding environment while giving them a sense of belonging to the public space of which they are an inseparable part.

This approach allows us to provide a truly holistic service that can largely be applied across the international market, with particularly strong acceptance in areas related to culture, content generation, and design for museums and exhibitions.

S+A maintains a strategic focus on conceptual quality, meeting various fronts with the level of quality demanded and expected by Promoters, Contractors, supervisory and licensing entities.

The implementation and adoption of quality management systems, while increasing S+A’s organizational levels, standardizing and ensuring greater process efficiency, also help reduce operational costs and provide greater customer satisfaction.

Regarding Subcontracting, it is ensured that the work carried out by subcontracted entities is developed according to the standards defined by S+A. In this context, there is a qualification of the entities to be subcontracted to ensure the desired quality. The subcontracting process is developed through continuous analysis, evaluating the various options dynamically.

Sustainability Practices

S+A’s ESG strategy is based on the most relevant themes for the company’s activity, also aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (global targets defined by the United Nations General Assembly). S+A focuses and strives to improve the company’s commitment to issues that matter most to Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Shareholders, and all entities we engage with.

As the largest national company in the field of architecture, with 28 years of activity, S+A continues to work diligently towards a more sustainable future. Our leadership position in architecture presents opportunities to drive environmental progress and create social value as we improve infrastructure and buildings for thousands of people in their local communities. Our sustainable projects help communities adapt to climate conditions and demographic changes, considering emissions reduction to combat climate change, while also helping to boost the enthusiasm and optimism of our employees, essential for S+A’s success.

The impacts of climate change are increasingly intense, and urgent action to limit global warming has become imperative. S+A supports all measures taken to minimize its operational impact, such as achieving carbon operational neutrality, as well as customer-focused strategies.

S+A pursues ambitious sustainability goals in the projects it develops. The company works through collaboration, cooperation, and creativity, promoting practices that enhance human and environmental well-being and sustainability.

Sustainability has been a central theme for S+A, reflected in a growing global offering of sustainable and bioclimatic projects, and in the provision of various other sustainability services, such as LEED, BREEAM, and WELL certifications.

Sustainability will allow instilling ESG principles in all company activities. We intend to turn principles into practice, channeling our decades of experience to tackle the most complex projects and best serve our clients, while challenging our teams to take our own actions.

S+A stands out for its openness to the world, adaptability to new markets, and resilience to the challenges that a constantly changing society inspires.

Climate change demands urgent actions from individuals and businesses alike. In supporting our clients to adopt strategic actions with minimal impact, S+A has identified the following measures:

  • Develop action plans for carbon neutrality (achieving zero carbon emissions);
  • Support decarbonization through energy and buildings;
  • Develop innovative design and consider solutions that take into account the current impacts of climate change.S+A already develops a set of integrated actions with clients, understanding their concerns and needs, developing solutions aimed at mitigating negative impacts and adopting environmentally sustainable projects.

Our mission is to continuously incorporate the value of sustainability into our clients’ projects, allowing S+A to become increasingly recognized as a sustainable brand.

It is also worth mentioning that the company already has a Laboratory for Sustainability and Innovation in Architecture and Urban Planning (LAB@S+A), which aims to promote internally the knowledge in domains of great relevance and current relevance for the practice of Architecture, stimulating knowledge and contact with trends, innovations, technologies, tests, and authors, in the field of environmental sustainability in Architecture and Urban Planning.

S+A Offices around the world

Portugal, Lisbon | Headquarters
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Avenida Infante Santo, 69 a-c,
1350-177 Lisboa, Portugal

+351 213 939 340

Portugal, Funchal | Office
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Rua 31 de Janeiro, 12E, 6º Y,
9050-011 Funchal, Portugal

+351 291 215 090

Algeria, Oran | Office
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Rue Beni Hendel Nº03 (ex Vaucluse), Résidence Albert 1er,
Bureau Nº 34, 1er étage, Hai Oussama,
Oran 31000, Algérie

+213 412 48 139

Brazil, São Paulo | Office
São Paulo
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Rua Helena 275, 7º Andar CJ 73,
Vila Olímpia, São Paulo / SP
CEP 04552 050, Brasil

+55 11 3842 7279

Colombia, Bogotá | Office
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Carrera 13 nº94A-44,
Oficina 406 Bogotá, Colombia

+ 57 (1) 745 79 68/9

Kazakhstan, Astana | Office
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18 Dostyq street, Moscow Business Center
11th Floor, Office 36.2,
010000 Astana, Kazakhstan

+7 7172 72 95 96
+7 701 910 06 31

Singapore, Singapore | Office
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133 Cecil Street, Nº16-01 Keck Seng Tower,
Singapore 069535

+65 987 279 82

Switzerland, Lausanne | Office
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Avenue d'Ouchy 66,
1006 Lausanne, Suisse

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City | Office
Ho Chi Minh City
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2/F, 8 Duong so 66, The Sun Thao Dien,
District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

+84 28 3620 2481

United States of America, Los Angeles | Office
Los Angeles
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475 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey,
CA 90292, United States of America

+1 310 439 3757

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