Expo 2020 Dubai Portuguese Pavilion

After the first month of opening, the Pavilion of Portugal has already received more than 42,000 visitors.

More than 190 countries participate in the event which will take place until the 31st of March of 2022, with an estimated 25 million visitors expected.

With the inauguration of the exhibition, we can finally showcase our Pavilion designed by S+A under the motto of “A World in One Country” with an architecture that embodies the nation’s multicultural spirit, its trajectory of discoveries and its ever-present connection to the sea.

The architectural design combines two conceptual elements, the Caravel, which as an iconic symbol of the Portuguese discoveries, conveys our pioneering nature and our capacity to blend and forge bonds with diverse civilizations; and the Square, which as the epitome of a meeting place and sharing, invokes Portuguese values of openness, diversity and inclusion.

In Portugal we find the world, in the world we find Portugal, and both are made possible by S+A.

Location at the Fair: Sustainability District



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