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The challenge of the competition involved attempting to create a new urban landmark, until now absent in the area. A specific project inserted into the larger context of the university, which sought to address the urgent need for accommodation for displaced students in a timely manner. With this aim in mind and the possibility of building a long-lasting, sustainable accommodation solution in harmony with the designated site, we designed a unit somewhat reminiscent of Corbusier’s Unités d’habitation, which operated almost independently, their various functional parts interlinking to form a single organism, and we created a modern architectural landmark in complete harmony and dialogue with the surrounding buildings.


  • Emplacement Lisbon, Portugal
  • Secteur Bâtiments Publics
  • An 2018
  • Area 45.354 sqm
  • Client University of Lisbon
  • Étape Projet d'Execution

«In addition to a signage and wayfinding system for the interior and exterior of the complex, as well as for the building concerned, elements combining with visual arts were created, such as the tile panels on the interior and the two landmarks on the exterior.»

Global Design

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