S+A Concept Design
explores design relating
to architecture and
public space.

S+A Concept Design was born of the desire to provide an exclusive service based on two aspects: firstly, the capacity to consider and reflect on the life of spaces at the level of their programmatic content; and secondly, the capacity to relate buildings to one another, making them sensitive to their surroundings, while also granting them a sense of belonging to the public space of which they are an inextricable part.

This focus allows us to provide a truly holistic service that can, to a large extent, be applied across the international market, with a particularly strong uptake in areas relating to culture, content generation and design for museums and exhibitions. The enterprise is led by the distinguished designer Henrique Cayatte, who has considerable experience in design where it intersects with architecture and public space.

The company’s commitment to incorporating design into content-related aspects and harnessing it as a means of orientation for a vaster space is apparent in the singular service that we offer, as well as our ability to tackle a wide range of challenging situations. The decision to adopt this approach underlines S+A’s profile as a firmly established global studio.

    Selected projects

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