Holiday Inn Hotel João Crisóstomo

Holiday Inn builds a new hotel in Lisbon as part of its Express chain, with an architectural approach based on the use and reinterpretation of formal elements and traditional materials that characterise the city of Lisbon. Inside, the entrance foyer extends to the social areas, allowing full access to the terrace, the circulation cores and the visitor reception area. The building’s historic features remain alive thanks to the maintenance and restoration of the neo-Arab patio at the rear of the building, on the terrace. The patio now functions as a defining element of the garden, giving it a multifunctional use as a meeting room, a garden pavilion or a room for small events. The section of the building given to accommodation units is confined to six upper floors, where more than a hundred rooms of various types, all with a strong brand identity, provide guests with comfort and relaxation. White volumetric tiles complete the portrait of pure Portuguese charm with luminous reflections that contrast with their rather more austere three- dimensional structure.

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