Greenhouses at the Eight Hill multi-purpose complex.

Located in Monsanto, the Quinta da Pimenteira nurseries have taken on new life with the recent Eight Hill multi-purpose complex. Inspired by the greenhouses and surrounding natural environment, a new building including a multi-functional space for events and meetings has been created. The image of the greenhouses is recreated in the metrics of the façade of this new complex, exploiting the flow of natural light and the outdoor environment. Wood surrounds the building, helping it to blend into the existing setting of the farm. The building is subdivided into two areas, with one intended for events and the other for support, housing the technical areas. A renovation of the remaining buildings was also designed, including the President’s house, the main house and the surrounding annexes, which open onto the Quinta da Pimenteira and lead us towards Eight Hill. In these buildings, the aim was to revitalise the existing construction, by restoring the most characteristic elements and adding innovative contemporary features.

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