A cloud of lights overflying the space creates a trendy feel.

This architectural and interior design project aimed to modernise the Hamburgueria do Bairro restaurants, located in different regions of Portugal. The Bairro Azul restaurant was the first intervention site. Linking the group’s essence to new cosmopolitan trends, an open kitchen coated in marble was designed, creating a feeling of spaciousness throughout the restaurant. The spaces were refreshed with beige tones, with a three-dimensional decorative panel in Viúva Lamego tiles lending them greater depth. The lighting is a key aspect of the intervention area: a cloud of lamps hangs over several of the eating areas, without restricting the mobility and arrangement of the furniture, creating different environments throughout the day. Two more elements forming part of this same concept were also added: a community table and a semi-private room for groups to ensure comfort and discretion for meetings, in a trendy, cool setting.

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