Breaking with the traditional hotel is the intention of this hotel, located in Alfragide, Lisbon metropolitan area. This project with 436 beds has the purpose of creating a centrality of hotel services. The epicenter of this hotel coexists with a dining area and meeting rooms. Based on this concept, this hotel cohabites with a dining and leisure area, with ex-libris garden that looks like an oasis. The volume of the building around this oasis, is designed in a central courtyard that opens to the outside, providing an invitation to entry, in a cross-use between business and leisure. The whole building is covered by a continuous cloth of vertical lines providing a direct contact of the public spaces of the set.


  • Location Alfragide, Portugal,
  • Sector Hospitality
  • Year 2021
  • Area 16 140 sqm
  • Client Private
  • Stage Projet

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