Les Tours D’Argel project was proposed for a site approximately 8 km west of the centre of Algiers, in direct communication with the Lac des Grands Vents. The project concept follows three guiding principles: integration, morphology and environment. The buildings present a distinctive and striking image, aspiring to constitute a new landmark for the city. Their structure is both strong and distinct, with an interesting diversity of rhythms and textures. The project aims to perfectly articulate the various constraints and potentialities of the site with the essence of the brief, resulting in a striking urban unit of the highest quality. Organised in a condominium-type structure with an emphasis on housing, the project comprises 914 dwellings with additional parking space and a complementary commercial and office area. The public and green spaces have an important presence in the overall context of the project and are deeply integrated into the surroundings through a park.


  • Location Algiers, Algeria
  • Sector Urban Design
  • Year 2014
  • Area 342.643 sqm
  • Client Gladinvest
  • Stage Building Permit

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