The food court area in a shopping centre plays a pivotal role in attracting the public, so we knew that this challenge was an opportunity to prove our merit as a leading company that is responsive far beyond the design of buildings. We like to push the limits of architecture, both in relation to the urban surroundings and in the specialisation of the interior spaces. This new food court at Amoreiras Shopping Centre proves to be a real surprise to those who go there. The interior architecture project aimed to revitalise the entire food court area, creating distinct zones, capable of prioritising the fluidity of movements of the users and the space.

Areas were designed that ensure a direct relationship with the exterior, in order to take advantage of both natural light and the landscape. In this sense, the new openings allowed the inclusion of green elements into the set, providing the new food court with unique and innovative features in a large commercial space. We chose to use natural materials - wood, stone and the aforementioned vegetation - invoking a general sense of serenity, welcome and well-being. With this renovation, the Amoreiras Food Court gains an exclusive image, capable of offering a surprisingly quiet atmosphere within a multi-purpose commercial environment dominated by brands with strong international prestige.


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