Amorim Revestimentos is a company that forms part of the Amorim Group, dedicated to the manufacture of floor and wall claddings that have, as its main characteristic and common denominator, the integration of cork as one of their main components. The products from this brand exhibit the optimum thermal and acoustic performance of this natural insulation and represent a measurable reduction of the carbon footprint associated with carbon emissions.
Amorim Revestimentos has developed a continuous effort to improve the performance of its materials, both at a technical level and at the level of its environmental performance.

In recent years, the company has invested in innovative materials and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodologies as an eco-design tool, improving its carbon footprint. The development of EPD (Environmental Product Declarations) is a complementary way of objectively communicating the environmental impacts associated with the marketed products. The work on the development of LCA & EPD on the floorings of Amorim Revestimentos has been underway since 2011. From that date forward, about 10 products were evaluated with LCA tools; these resulted in the issuance of about 10 EPD, of which three now correspond to renewals of previous EPD.


  • Location Aveiro, Portugal
  • Sector Sustainability
  • Year 2017
  • Client Amorim Group
  • Stage Built

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