This project involved the extension of an existing shopping centre. The objective was to create new movie theatres and shopping areas. The proposed extension is to be added to the previous building in such a way as to give continuity to its architectural form and style. The new structure consists of four floors and includes a new shopping area, five movie theatres and several technical support rooms. Its original roofing emphasises the stylistic unity of the overall complex and contributes to attracting visitors. From the architectural standpoint, the exterior serves as a structuring element hosting the main movie theatre. Another distinctive feature of the new cinema is the large screen on the main façade. The building gives the impression of a light, floating structure, a suggestion created by the open space on the ground floor and the recess between the two volumes, with this solution creating a semitransparent, almost imperceptible connection between the two buildings.


  • Location Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
  • Sector Sports and Leisure
  • Year 2016
  • Area 12.493 sqm
  • Client МерАс НС
  • Stage Under Construction

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