The Athletic Village was developed as a large open public space, ideal for meeting and socialising and a consistent alternative to the traditional urban structure, based on circulations. The Praça da Bandeira, or ‘Flag Square’ is the central point, from which well-defined streets run, serving urban neighbourhoods endowed with semi-private green spaces. The four programme areas are arranged along four blocks. The project aims to unite and interconnect the two main green areas, to the north and south of the plot, in order to provide a friendlier and more inviting urban space.

In addition to this added value, the Athletic Village offers a panoramic view of the surrounding mountainous landscape, an added benefit for the residents. The shape of the residential buildings follows a minimalist outline, providing differentiated experiences, at the micro and macro scale. On the one hand, the building becomes an iconic landmark, on the other, the roof slopes directly to the ground, preventing the accumulation of snow and, at the same time, creating a direct dialogue with the human figure.


  • Location Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Sector Urban Design
  • Year 2012
  • Area 216.360 sqm
  • Client Almaty 2017 Winter University
  • Stage Preliminary Design

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