Located in Lisbon, this is a residential complex consisting of two distinct buildings. The relationship with the surroundings is reflected in the elevations, endowed with wide glass panels framed by triangular balconies capable of providing the false impression of a marked and fragmented movement of the façade. It is a design of simple lines with a cosmopolitan character. Vertically, the buildings rise to eight floors from ground level and each has three subterranean floors. In terms of usability, the complex offers 100 apartments ranging from type T1 to type T4.

At ground level, two commercial areas ensure the finish with the gallery of the adjoining building to the west. Inside, functionality, solar exposure and spatial optimisation are emphasised through reduced circulation areas and a flexible layout, capable of responding to various present or future needs. The use of the green element constituted a requirement of the design: by means of sets of flower boxes, it sought to create relaxing spaces that could also favour privacy with respect to the outside, as well as to enhance the visual separation between the housing units.


  • Location Lisbon, Portugal
  • Sector Residential
  • Year 2022
  • Area 25.400 sqm
  • Client Enigmacrópole
  • Stage Built

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