It is hoped that the future Congress Centre will become an iconic landmark not only for Turkmenistan but on an international scale, both for the functions it will perform, the place it occupies in the region and for its monumental scale. Approached as a singular piece, the Centre is endowed with a strong formal expression that makes it recognisable at long-distance and turns it into a veritable land mark.
The conceptual genesis was based on the cutting of a cube as if it were a diamond, obeying a pre-established logical sequence that transforms the structure and produces grandiose ascending formal characteristics that represent the strength of a growing nation. The initial structure is broken down into five volumes that symbolise the five provinces of Turkmenistan. The volumes’ textured and perforated outer coating produces the image of a symbolic geometric matrix. This creates a strong impression of transparency in some instances and of greater or total opacity in others.


  • Location Awaza, Turkmenistan
  • Sector Public Buildings
  • Year 2012
  • Area 38.285 sqm
  • Client Taca Construction
  • Stage Preliminary Design

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