The winning entry in a public competition promoted by the Portuguese National Health Service, this project was designed on a human scale, pursuing a desire to humanise the whole and reflect new paradigms in the doctor-patient relationship.
The proposal is based on a network typology in which the movement and communication scheme aims to respond effectively to the intensity of interactions and to provide functional flexibility, taking into account potential future adaptations and the evolution of the building’s life cycle.

The design thus contemplates potential future conversions and extensions appropriate for a health unit. Throughout the entirety of the site and its surroundings, the complex strikes a compositional balance between volume, landscape and infrastructure. Inside, operational functionality is punctuated by green patios and opportune openings in the façades. These channels of light and life serve to humanise the space and break up the relatively stark medical environment.


  • Location Loures, Portugal
  • Sector Healthcare
  • Year 2012
  • Area 63.129 sqm (427 Beds)
  • Client HL Construção, Consis Loures
  • Partnership PINEARQ
  • Stage Built

«There is an ever present, even obligatory, concept in the design of the hospital’s architecture: light as a symbol of life, knowledge and science. (...) The architecture reflected a desire to combine quality of materials with an elegantly minimalist aesthetic concept, harmoniously combining several large spaces.»

Isabel Vaz

President of the Executive Committee of Luz Saúde

As a whole, the building rises five stories above the ground and responds logically to the operative brief for the performance of various medical specialities. The main reasons for the success of the project were the characteristics of the terrain from an urban-design point of view and the opportunity to create a pioneering health unit on the site.

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