The Cascais Innovation Centre is an office park created to complement and serve the existing university campus, providing an entire ecosystem linked to research and innovation. It comprises both a space of enjoyment and of meeting between universities and their partners and external strategists, on the path of training successful people and companies. The centre will be established using an old military structure, as well as a group of other old facilities: they will all be restored along with the surrounding area, enhancing their natural vicinity and direct surroundings. In order to mark a new milestone in the field of sustainable architecture, the concept went through the design of a volume, the roof of which could be used as a space for interaction and leisure.

A cluster of green roofs that adds a new habitable environment to the building - living up to the innovative mission of the entire project. In order to pursue an environmentally sustainable and green paradigm, an energy strategy has been developed to ensure maximum efficiency and to be a sensitive indicator of the problems associated with climate change. Part of this strategy is based on the use of renewable energy production technologies - piezoelectric energy, geothermal energy, photovoltaic glass, among others – and to optimise their use – energy management, LED luminaires, sensor systems for lighting and charging electric vehicles facilities.


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