The new headquarters of the world’s leading provider of real estate services forms part of a broader programme to adapt the Portuguese office to new patterns of work. The building’s interior space was designed to reflect the company’s main corporate values, with a view to encouraging better results and outcomes among employees. In this sense, the proposal represents a commitment to innovation and the ongoing growth of the company, optimising working conditions through the inclusion of various high-value spaces. The layout was defined by the division of two main areas based on the key-words ‘stage’ – the ‘up front’ areas where the main action occurs – and ‘behind-the-scenes’ areas for rest periods.

Efficient management of the space allowed for the implantation of almost 100 workstations, part of which is dedicated to the new model of desk-sharing arrangements. Different practical and structured solutions can be found in the building’s interior, providing customised environments for the needs of various clients. Interconnection between different areas of the company and the fluidity of communication were key design factors for the new facilities. CBRE now enjoys work spaces with ample natural light and with the company’s brand values fittingly expressed through the experience and characteristics of the space.


  • Location Lisbon, Portugal
  • Sector Workplaces
  • Year 2017
  • Area 688 sqm
  • Client CBRE
  • Stage Built

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