Initially designed to operate as a clinic (later acquired by José de Mello Saúde), the basic structure of the building, in terms of circuits, was no longer able to meet the growing demand and quality standards which characterise this health care provider’s brand, resulting in an urgent need to extend and upgrade the building.
The urban constraints of the site were key in developing the best solution for the extension. Another variable which was taken into account was the need for the old and new buildings to function in an integrated manner.

A new entrance clearly indicates the formal upgrading of the space. The new building blends and integrates soberly into the existing elevation, which is altered only by the addition of sun shades to the area of the old entrance, painting of the façades and a second skin of glass which visually harmonises the complex and promotes improved thermal and acoustic conditions on the inpatient floors. Finally, investment was made in the versatility of the interior spaces to avoid restricting alterations to services during the useful life of the building, which will maintain its functional structure with added plasticity and spatial intelligence.


  • Location Cascais, Portugal
  • Sector Healthcare
  • Year 2015
  • Area 12.922 sqm
  • Client José de Mello Saúde
  • Stage Under Construction

«The proposal therefore included the dismantling and modelling of the land in such a way as to create several terraces, with low walls interspersed with carefully tended green areas, creating a sober volume and minimising the visual impact which this type of structure usually has.»

Luís Barros

Associate Director

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