Under the close surveillance of the majestic Sintra Mountains as a backdrop, we find the new CUF Hospital, a project developed by S+A. An image was sought that reconciles the existing industrial building with the new constructions. The two-level expansion volumetry gives continuity to the building around a central square. The volumes have gaps in the façades and are framed by prismatic white elements. In the built environment there are spaces dedicated to green areas of stay, which promotes the external quality of the intervention area, and humanizes this equipment.

The location of the south terrace is suitable in view of the high sun exposure and protection from the prevailing northern winds. The central square that promotes the main public access to the building, has a carefully designed living space and is protected by a visor. The main entrance and the user entrance are in an open space between the buildings, where besides the visibility of the square, there is an interior patio that allows the difference of scales and its integration with the natural green spaces.


  • Location Sintra, Portugal
  • Sector Healthcare
  • Year 2020
  • Area 15.280 sqm
  • Client JMS
  • Stage Built

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