Del Mar Village is a luxury development located next to the Ria Formosa, in Fuseta, one of the most beautiful natural areas of Portugal. Consisting of 63 residential apartments blended into the landscape, the programme aimed to minimise the visual impact of the built area. Three groups of volumes adapted to the natural morphology of the terrain are formally proposed, arranged in a horizontal line with a reduced scale. The architectural programme reflects an integrated image of neutrality, purity and functionality.

Terraces that function as an extension of the interior areas stand out in this design that is strongly committed to the enjoyment of nature. This valence invites the successive habitability of the spaces and accommodates the unique system of views over the estuary. For this reason, they acquire their own expression and scale, constituting not only a space for contemplation, but also for a broad range of other uses.


  • Location Fuseta, Portugal
  • Sector Residential
  • Year 2012
  • Area 7.800 sqm
  • Client Del Mar Village
  • Stage Built

Union with the surrounding elements is fulfilled through an infinity pool that merges with the river estuary. The ample green spaces and wooden walkways ensure the success of the programme with each providing the enjoyment of sobriety and luxury standards.

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