The traditional architecture and town-planning of this region served as inspiration for the future campus of the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez. Here, the ‘Islamic Medina’ structure plays a founding role and serves the creative concept that presides over the design of the spaces. The desire to provide a high quality of life to the academic community prevailed, endowing the buildings with the comfort and functionality of a contemporary life par excellence, transforming the campus into the stage of all learning and enjoyment linked to knowledge, contemplation and well-being. This project explores the idea of visual absence of impact, in close harmony with the traditional notion of emptiness associated with the Maghreb. Although surrounded by green spaces, each of the four volumes functions as a mass isolated from the central core of the campus, helping to compose an integrated identity, the strength of which lies in the assumed difference.


  • Location Fez, Morocco
  • Sector Education
  • Year 2014
  • Area 67.524 sqm
  • Client Euro-Mediterranean
  • Stage Concept Design

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