As it concerned a leading company in auditing and consultancy, on a global scale, with a history of almost 30 years, the ruling concept for the design of EY's headquarters wanted to communicate their genetic code for success. The positioning of the group as a reference determined the special attention given to the values that govern its vision and modus operandi: their commitment to the values of work and excellence should be reflected in the headquarters’ design, ensuring not only comfort and functionality, but also enhancing the corporate identity of its brand.

It was important that the new office spaces were adapted to each specific management model, which is why, inside the building, there are various practical, structured and multipurpose solutions – from open spaces to private offices – providing environments that are suited to the demands and characteristics of the group. EY, renowned for its high performance and top-end services, now benefits from a space that has been built, from scratch, in its image and is consistent with its corporate identity.


  • Location Lisbon, Portugal
  • Sector Workplaces
  • Year 2016
  • Area 4.000 sqm
  • Client EY (Former Ernst & Young)
  • Stage Built

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