The four elements of nature – Fire, Water, Air and Earth – serve as the inspiration for the Green Quarter concept. Green technologies are present in every built space of the complex. Priority was given to the recycling, reuse and renewal of energy and natural resources. The infrastructure necessary for the materialisation of the concept was conceived in such a way as to remain invisible. The ‘green heart’ of the city pulsates symbolically within each building and in some instances is reconfigured into functional elements such as solar trees.

Services and infrastructure are overseen by a central smart system that controls all aspects related to the management of energy, water, waste water, garbage, traffic, emergency services and more. The same system provides for the integration of tourism services and cultural activities. The master plan was designed in accordance with this objective and the totality of the technical facilities was centralised in an underground network. This network also meets the standards of efficiency and sustainability included in the BREEAM Communities system.


  • Location Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
  • Sector Urban Design / Sustainability
  • Year 2013
  • Area 900.000 sqm
  • Client Samruk
  • Partnership BAZIS
  • Stage International Competition

Another of the principles associated with the green paradigm guiding the master plan concerns investment in the resident community’s lived experience of public spaces. Their involvement and participation was promoted by enhancing local services and accessibility. The whole complex is specially integrated to promote as green a life as possible.

«A photovoltaic power generator, named PV Water Tree, was designed converting light directly to electricity. Those photovoltaic modules are used for grid-connected power generation, to optimize solar capture and to improve rain collection.»

Liliana Soares

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