Designing an airport always involves a high degree of complexity, both from the point of view of the project itself and in terms of time pressures for its execution. The large investments required to carry out such projects make permanent reflection as to the best options at every step imperative. In formal terms, the T-design was maintained after confirmation as the most appropriate solution for ease of installation, with that design having proved to respond most effectively to variables on the ground and to the progression of the work.

More generally, the project was intended to result in an appealing contemporary image with contained costs. The conceptual design was developed in meticulous compliance with the ratios set out in the specifications, while remaining true to the concept of a strongly symbolic single structure. A simple organic volumetry was created in which form and function complement each other without ever overlapping. The result is one of sobriety and balance.


  • Location São Paulo, Brazil
  • Sector Public Buildings
  • Year 2012
  • Area 140.447 sqm
  • Client JC Consult
  • Stage Preliminary Design

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