The following project was designed for the sports venue that would host the '28th Winter Universiade', in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan. In order to create an icon that would serve as a business card for the city, S+A envisaged a building in the form of an ellipse, like the path of the Earth around the Sun, symbolising universality. The illuminated façade carries a colourful aura around the building, the tone and intensity of which are variable, ensuring a festive atmosphere at the venue. Several structuring lines of force are present in its design, which combine into a unique, strong, intentional object that is recognisable from far away, unequivocally asserting itself in the city of Almaty. Despite its monumental scale, the interior is clearly structured and easy to use - for spectators, athletes, technicians, journalists and others involved.


  • Location Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Sector Sports and Leisure
  • Year 2012
  • Area 97.792 sqm
  • Client Almaty 2017
  • Stage Preliminary Design

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