The Office Park EXPO project, which currently houses the Justice Campus of Lisbon, was built on a plot of land occupying 30,000 m2, located in Parque das Nações. It consists of a group of ten office buildings, the heights of which vary between 3 and 18 floors. The project was developed in partnership with two other architecture studios, with a single vision and the same commitment in the enhancement of the space and the common understanding that the territory is a determinant factor for the declaration of new urban planning in the city of Lisbon.

Visual homogeneity was sought, notwithstanding the different experiences and complementary functions envisaged. The group of buildings is sober, refined and contemporary. The internal organisation serves the idea of flexibility and versatility of occupation, permitting appropriations in accordance with use and requirements dictated by circumstances. A special focus should be given to Tower H, the original design of which was developed by S+A.


  • Location Lisbon, Portugal
  • Sector Public Buildings
  • Year 2009
  • Area 41.500 sqm
  • Client Norfin
  • Partnership NLA Studio / FVA Studio
  • Stage Built

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