The design of the Izmir Shopping Centre provides an economical solution to the changing needs of mixed-use establishments. The interaction of volumes and yards helps to structure the set through complexes, providing environments suitable for different users. At the base is the commercial zone; above this, the residences organised around a central space. The façade of the commercial area incorporates golden domes that, once organised, become the structural identity of the architectural object. Each dome and each joint establishes its own proportion, achieving a unique play of light and golden shadows as a whole. Sighted at some distance, elevated to the sky, are two L-shaped bodies wrapped in different patterns: both forming the façade of the building. As a whole, these elements incorporate ornamental motifs and function as a kind of Islamic veil on the scale of the building, providing privacy to its interior.


  • Location Izmir, Turkey
  • Sector Retail and Logistics
  • Year 2011
  • Area 68.070 sqm
  • Client Kavuklar Group
  • Stage Preliminary Design

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