This project comprises an urban and architectural use for a territory integrated into a broader plane, from a perspective of sustained and orderly development that covers the entire periphery of St. Petersburg. The solution developed intends to illustrate a model of contemporary European urban development, sustained in the comfort and the living quality of the whole, resulting from a comprehensive approach. In this, it is considered that the whole cannot be equal to the sum of its parts, which implies that each block, each square, each avenue is incorporated within a narrative, punctuated by various developments. In view of the scale of the intervention, of the established programme and of the reception context, it is important to design a section where structuring the use of the territory, controlling the density, locating the common areas and creating green spaces.

This would enable the establishment of different landscape units with which its inhabitants could identify, in order to actively contribute to the desired humanisation of the landscape. The creation of an eminent housing project with a wide range of typological solutions - ranging from single-family housing to different multi-family housing products - is advocated, properly equipped with the indispensable commerce and service areas, in addition to being supported by the indispensable healthcare and education facilities, as well as recreation and leisure areas, associated with outdoor spaces and sports. The intention is to develop an area that can 'live' by itself, endowed with the urban requirements necessary for its functional autonomy and independence.


  • Location Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Sector Urban Design
  • Year 2008
  • Area 340.000 sqm
  • Client Baltics Monolits
  • Stage Building Permit

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