The conceptual idea that led to the realisation of this project is closely linked to very specific characteristics. We wanted to develop an architectural solution of quality and functionality by combining a modern image with context. The distance between the two blocks of buildings promotes a space for passage and generates outdoor areas, promoting the integration of the buildings into the surroundings. Taking this into account, the integration of the project into the surroundings was reinforced by the use of solar energy, anticipating winds and thermal amplitudes on a daily basis.

Other benefits are related to thermal energy deposits, solar exposure, ventilation and cooling control and improving the equipment and its use. The architecture project intends to make the conversion of the buildings flexible, without significant additional investment and without modifying the previous functional structure of services. All solutions submitted respect bioclimatic principles with a contemporary international and cosmopolitan reference.


  • Location Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
  • Sector Public Buildings
  • Year 2009
  • Area 19.000 sqm
  • Client MMIE-GE
  • Stage Built

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