Located in the village of Muda, in Comporta, the project proposes a new interpretation of the traditional Alentejo village and the building of a group of new houses and villas (urban area) and farms (rural area). Supporting the concept are values such as serenity, safety and celebration of life. Muda Reserve combines a rural lifestyle with the convenience and values of modern life in a privileged location: an almost pristine natural environment provides an exceptional haven, an hour south of Lisbon, on 350 acres full of harmony and temperance. The various volumes reproduce the village layout and are organised into four distinct language cores, safeguarding and recreating traditional rural heterogeneity.

The residential spaces are composed of different types: Courtyard Houses, Village Houses, Fragmented Houses and Chimney houses (urban area). Courtyard Houses configure houses between walls, in which the main feature is the interior patio;

Chimney houses result from the reinterpretation of the chimney shape of the traditional Alentejo house with its typical roofs and elevations. Village Houses, on the other hand, are collective dwellings that build upon collective spaces that emerge in hidden corners of the development. In the Fragmented Houses the intention was to create a volume where the boundaries between interior and exterior were diluted. To that extent we’ve designed a glass structural element - the corridor - fully integrated with the outside space.

In another segment, you may find the Village Farms that configure volumes between rural and contemporary lifestyle. We have designed 3 different plots in which the main feature is the ability for small farming activities.


  • Location Grândola, Portugal
  • Sector Urban Design
  • Year 2018
  • Area 64.866 sqm
  • (237 housing units)
  • Client Vanguard Properties
  • Stage Building Permit

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