The ITHNGE - National Institute of Hydrocarbon Technology - is located in Mongomo. The project aims to develop a quality architectural solution for this highly specialised centre, which should concentrate various fields of knowledge in order to guarantee maximum comfort, safety and functionality to its operation. By adding additional areas, the creation of connecting axes between buildings is achieved through new geometries and individual accesses. An architectural solution was also guaranteed at the structural level, capable of guaranteeing flexibility and versatility in the substitution of some functions for others, without conditioning the structural model.

A regular and orthogonal network shape was chosen. The natural lighting of the circulation spaces, the heterogeneity of elevations and the horizontal laminar image give this building a light and very transparent look. Sustainability was strategically programmed in accordance with bioclimatic principles. Materials with a low environmental impact were used and the efficiency of existing resources was increased. All of these elements reflect a contemporary and cosmopolitan image, of international standards.


  • Location Mongomo, Equatorial Guinea
  • Sector Education
  • Year 2015
  • Area 20.000 sqm
  • Client Armando Cunha
  • Stage Built

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