The Oeiras Style Outlet complex, in Carnaxide, constitutes a balanced and sustainable solution which responds to the current requirements for this kind of enterprise. A harmonious linkage of services, patios and atria form the structure of the complex and make it into a space with distinctive characteristics compared to other outlet villages. The new commercial space is located on an elevated piece of land and follows its shape in the form of a shell, rising up like an impressive amphitheatre reaching across the extensive area it overlooks. The intention is that its privileged location and bold architecture have an impact on passers-by, inviting them inside. The project was developed with the implementation of sustainability measures in accordance with the principles recommended by BREEAM.


  • Location Oeiras, Portugal
  • Sector Retail and Logistics
  • Year 2016
  • Area 30.340 sqm
  • Client Neinver
  • Stage Concept Design

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