The proposal is based on the creation of an institutional building capable of reflecting a sober image and of simplifying and streamlining interaction with pre-existing volumes. The complex, comprising a vast set of units linked to the provision of cancer-related care, must safeguard the functional principles of a contemporary health building, effective but capable of increasing the quality and comfort of the patients undergoing specialised treatments provided there. The circuits have been optimised for each medical purpose and ensure the separation, privacy, flexibility and adaptability of the interior space – in the sense of a humanisation and personalisation of the treatment and cure plans. Located in the Algerian market, the project follows the local moulds of inhabiting places and uses a visual language framed within the surroundings. Its horizontal volume reduces its impact on the area and favours a harmonious perception of the complex, which is integrated and interconnected with the rest of the urban network.


  • Location Sidi Bel Abbès, Algeria
  • Sector Healthcare
  • Year 2017
  • Area 57.144 sqm (140 Beds)
  • Client Hasnaoui FCM Construction
  • Stage Built

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