Office building with three floors, located in Moscavide, Loures, reflecting a modern style of sober lines and contemporary solutions.
Office Building with three floors, located in Moscavide, Loures, developed in partnership with KPF. Taking advantage of the strong presence of the Tagus River and the Vasco da Gama Bridge, the proposed building seeks to integrate harmoniously in the surroundings, as a transparent rectangular volume, which relates deeply with the landscape, conquering different views in each elevation that constitutes it.
The exterior image fulfils the idea of a building that reflects a modern style of sober lines and contemporary solutions in its materiality, using large glazed surfaces in a balanced composition of volumes and openings.
The concept underlying the project is that of creating a large panoramic window on the surrounding landscape, which is why, through simple geometries and a minimal language, the building is clad in a glass skin, which is materialised through a curtain wall.

The transparency that is achieved around the building guarantees a unique view of the surroundings from every space. In this way, the Building can be appropriated by several entities or a single one, maintaining the quality of the spaces that make it up, even if they are subdivided into several fractions or a single one.
The Building is organised around two large courtyards, separated by an axis connecting the two parts. This central connection creates an axis of symmetry that divides the building into two almost identical parts. The main vertical accesses are concentrated in the centre of the project, as well as the main lobby and, at ground level, two side entrances to the building.
The inclusion of two landscaped courtyards allows natural light to be reflected into all the interior areas of the building, as well as allowing visual contact with the landscaped exterior courtyards, both of the circulation areas and the work spaces, emphasising the feeling of transparency throughout the building.
On the roof there will be a landscaped common outdoor space for events and uses related to the office fractions.


  • Location Loures, Portugal
  • Sector Workplaces
  • Year 2023
  • Area 37.000 sqm
  • Client Norfin
  • Partner KPF
  • Stage Under Construction

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