The Ministry of Public Works and Communications of Paraguay proposed the creation of an ‘idyllic space capable of meeting the needs of citizens'. The building would be located in a 2.5-hectare allotment located in the port area of the city of Asunción. The S+A project, which received second place in this competition, proposed a volume promoting free circulation in which each of the ministries would be immediately identifiable. With an almost transparent materiality, the concept aimed to reveal the building’s inner dynamics.

The complex comprised five buildings, designed in a contemporary and sober style. The use of glass façades interspersed with tonal variations gave rhythm to the overall design. Integration into the surrounding urban environment was a priority for such a privileged site. As such, public spaces were designed in harmony with the surroundings, endowed with dedicated social spaces and designed to marry the institutional use of the building with a communal and inclusive urban feel.


  • Location Asunción, Paraguay
  • Sector Public Buildings
  • Year 2016
  • Area 25.000 sqm
  • Client Government of Paraguay
  • Stage International Competition

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