Built in the Covilhã Technology Park, Parkubis is divided into two separate bodies, equipped with their own features, but interconnected by a bridge that links them. Horizontal lines, intended to minimise the volumetric impact of the complex, contribute to its sobriety. The use of large glass surfaces between gaps and empty spaces harmonises the composition.

Inside, the division of space obeys functional requirements: the administrative and business support services are located in the main body, while the secondary services – auditorium, bar and restaurant – are situated in the smaller support body. The street layout establishes the separating element between the blocks, which are only connected on the upper level, allowing for their autonomous operation.


  • Location Covilhã, Portugal
  • Sector Public Buildings
  • Year 2005
  • Area 1.793 sqm
  • Client Parkurbis
  • Stage Built

«The floors deliver a dynamic usability, with the corridors taking the form of streets and the atria the form of squares – thus promoting a good interaction and relationship with the spaces surrounding the technology park. The complex boasts eleven rooms equipped to host businesses and support services, several shared meeting rooms, a multi-purpose area and an auditorium. »

Miguel Saraiva

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