Situated in downtown Porto, in Praça Carlos Alberto, the Pátio Luso project is composed of two structures intended for multi-family housing, trade and services, with the benefit of a shared outdoor space. The refurbishment programme includes a total of eight buildings and begins with the most emblematic of the group, which formerly housed the Luso Café, a landmark in the city’s history. The 23 apartments are distinguished by the interior façade, fitted with glass, which was intended to ensure natural light in the space and guarantee maximum thermal and acoustic comfort.

The proposal combines historical and patrimonial features with functional and contemporary design. With the ultimate objective being the integrated rehabilitation of this residential complex, the proposed solution honoured historical and patrimonial components, without overlooking the features required for superior housing according to contemporary standards, compatible with attractive solutions for the younger sector of the population. It is precisely this sector that the project intends to attract, bearing in mind that the preservation of memory allows for an intervention designed for the future.


  • Location Oporto, Portugal
  • Sector Refurbishment
  • Year 2010
  • Area 3.000 sqm
  • Client SRU - Porto Vivo
  • Stage Built

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