Four criteria were clearly outlined in the competition brief for the development of this site: a regeneration of this important area within an upgraded, structured and innovative axis capable of generating multiplier effects; the provision of a new public space creating a new centrality in the city; the integrated affirmation of the area’s history within a contemporary dynamic; and the creation of an iconic, accessible and sustainable project that promotes the urban, economic and social regeneration in this area of the city. It is as stimulating as it is rare to be able to rethink and redesign an entire block in one of the main axes of Lisbon, initiating a process that has managed to produce a sustained and integrated design that is focused on the successful revitalisation of the entire area.


  • Location Lisbon, Portugal
  • Sector Urban Design
  • Year 2017
  • Area 36.400 sqm
  • Client Private
  • Stage International Competition

«We thus proposed the creation of a level pedestrian platform for the whole extension of the block, serving to define the new square, its green spaces and the new living space at the core of the proposal. Around this feature occupying the four street fronts, a constructed sequence rising from the ground liberates the ground spaces for commercial areas and erects office buildings, housing and senior residences. This layout is developed following a permeable and irregular skyline, a scenario that emphasises the uniqueness of the different units and typologies. »

Bruno Pereira

Associate Director

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