This design is imbued with a vital force: a sphere is a metaphor for life, an icon of originality, concision and empowerment, mindful of its modernity, patriotism and future direction. From a symbolic perspective, the monument may be understood either as the dawn of a new country, or as the skin which protects and shields a uniquely rich heritage. Inside the sphere, visitors are invited to begin their tour by discovering the different floors and permanent and temporary exhibitions, which focus on the cultural traditions and recent and ancient history of Kazakhstan. On the upper floor, visitors can see a spotlight pointing at the sky: its light indicates the presence of this important monument on the city’s skyline at night and makes it visible from far away. As if it was guiding us.


  • Location Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
  • Sector Global Design
  • Year 2015
  • Area 10.737 sqm
  • Client Government and Mayor of Astana
  • Stage International Competition

«For too long, design was not subject to multidisciplinary reflection, as architecture, urbanism and even engineering were. From the second half of the 20th century, the context changed, and today, this perspective is increasingly present in the design of contemporary cities, in signposting, in the creation of landmarks.»

Henrique Cayatte

Founding and Managing Partner, S+A Concept Design

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